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How do I find the course Content and class policies (Syllabus)?

the Content Brower widgetEnter your course from the My Home page. When you see the course name next to the GHC logo, click on the Content Browser widget.

The Content page allows you to see upcoming events in the course, to access a module, or a topic within a module, to set bookmarks, and to download a page to your PC or to a tablet for later viewing when you are no longer online.

View this video on the Content area.


Course Content Specifics

The Content page provides an overview of the whole course and contains six main areas, as shown in the Figure 1. Below is a description of each of these six areas.

Figure 1: The Content Area

A sample Content area. See the notes below this image for a full discription.

1. Overview:
When you access a course's Content tool for the first time, the first page you land on is the Overview, which instructors might use to post the course syllabus and introductory material. If your instructor has left the Overview blank you will not see it listed and you will land on the Table of Contents.
Topics you bookmark appear in a list on the Bookmarks page. The number beside the Bookmarks link indicates how many bookmarks you have.
3. Course Schedule:
The Course Schedule page lists course material due dates, start dates, end dates, overdue course activities, and all events within the course from the Calendar tool for the next seven days. The number of overdue items in the course appears in red. Course events are also listed in the Calendar tool.
Note: Adding a due date to a content item that is associated to an assignment submissions folder will override an end date that is also set on the same Assignments.
4. Table of Contents:
The Table of Contents panel lists all modules available in your course. If numbers appear beside each module name in the Table of Contents panel it indicates that topics are being tracked for completion, and that you have a number of topics you have not accessed.
5. Content Options:
The course content options located on the Table of Contents page allow you to download your course content in zip file format or send it to your Brightspace Binder account to review offline, depending on the permissions given to you by your organization.
6. Print:
Print your course outline, or navigate to a module's landing page to print a module's outline.

Access content using ReadSpeaker
ReadSpeaker is a text to speech reader of Content pages that are HTML format documents. The ReadSpeaker Listen Button will appear at the top of these types of pages in the Content area.
Access content using ReadSpeaker docReader integration
The ReadSpeaker docReader integration provides audio rendering of supported document types in the Content tool. If your organization has enabled this feature, you can hear audio playback of the following document types:

Within a Content topic, on the Content viewer page, click Open with docReader in the topic context menu or on the page. When you select ReadSpeaker docReader, a new content viewer appears with volume and playback control.

Go to the ReadSpeaker Quick Start Guide

Print a content topic
The print function may not be available for all file types.

View overdue Content topics
View a list of all overdue content topics within a course in the Overdue tab in the Course Schedule area. The topics on this list are sorted from most to least overdue. You can click the topic to immediately access and complete the topic. Only topics with a set due date but no end date or an end date later than the due date appear on this list since you must have time remaining after the due date to access and complete the topic. The Overdue tab only appears if you have content topics that are not complete by the set deadline.

Sample Course Scedule page

The number of overdue topics in the Overdue tab appears in red beside Course Schedule in the Content menu. When you access an overdue topic, it disappears from the list in the Overdue tab. When you complete all overdue topics, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule area.

A Content module I'm looking for is missing, what do I do?

There are several reasons why a module would be missing from the Content section:

Why am I getting an error message when attempting to access a Content link?

If you are receiving an "Internal Error" message:

If the link points to an item within a tool in D2L (such as a Assignments, Discussions, other Content modules etc.) go to the tool and check whether you can access the item directly.

Also look for start/end dates on assignment submission folders, discussion topics, and quizzes to see if students can currently access the item that is linked from the content area.

If you are receiving a "Not Authorized" message:

If you are not yet at the start date, have passed the end date, or have not met the release conditions attached to the item you are trying to access, you won’t be able to access the item and will instead receive an error message. Contact the instructor for more information on whether any of the above restrictions apply to the item you are trying to access. If the instructor determines that you should be able to access the link, inform them that the link is broken.

If you are receiving an error message when attempting to access an external link in Content, contact the instructor of the course and inform them that the link is broken.