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How To Find Your Courses

After you log in to D2L, you can access a course by doing one of the following:

FAQ for Finding Courses

Why is a course I'm registered for not visible in D2L when I sign in?

There are several reasons why a course you are registered for is not visible in D2L.

The course hasn’t started. Check the start date of your course which you can find on your schedule. The courses that you have registered for will only open to you on their official start date.

If you have only registered for the course within the last 24 hours, the registration may not be processed yet. Please wait 24-48 hours after registering for a course to appear in D2L.

I enrolled in an active course today, why don't I see it displayed in Brightspace Learning Environment when I sign in?

If you have only enrolled in the course today, wait 24-48 hours for the course to become available.

How do I drop or unenroll from a course?

To drop or unenroll from a course, enter the Score registration system and

Note: There may be a waiting period after dropping the course for the course to be removed from D2L. In addition, you cannot drop or withdraw from a course after the "last day" to withdraw has passed.

A course I'm enrolled for no longer appears in my list of available courses, what do I do?

If a current course used to appear in your list of courses within D2L but doesn't anymore, contact your instructor and ask about your enrollment status in the course.