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Feedback on Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes

A Word About Feedback

The nature of the feedback that you receive from your instructor will vary by class and type of graded item. Be sure to clarify the feedback that you can expect from each of your instructors by asking at the beginning of the semester.

"Where do I go to view feedback when my instructor is using a rubric to grade discussions?

To see the general feedback, you will have to go to Grades.  There the general feedback that your instructor entered into the rubric can be seen in the Feedback column.   However, to see the actual rubric, you will have to go to Progress using the following steps

  1. From the navbar, click your username and then click Progress.
  2. From the selection panel on the left, click Discussions.
  3. In the Discussions Progress section, click the Topics link for the discussion you want to see rubric feedback for.
  4. Click the Details link.
  5. Click the Rubrics link you want to view results for.

View feedback in Assignments

To view the feedback from an assignment,

  1. From the course navbar, select the Assessment menu and select Assignments.
  2. On the Assignment submission folders page, click View in the Feedback column beside the folder containing your submission.
  3. View your grade, rubric assessment, and feedback comments.
  4. To download feedback attachments, click Download All Files.
  5. When you are finished viewing feedback, click Done.

View feedback in Quizzes

To review your quiz results, go to the Quizzes tool and select the quiz whose results you wish to review. Keep in mind that your instructor may limit the date, time, and how often you can review quiz results.

Some instructors may given you additional quiz feedback in the grade book. Select the Grades tool to view the quiz grade and any feedback for that quiz.