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Calendar Tool

The Calendar Tool displays important GHC dates and dates for activities in your courses.  Keep in mind that is up to each instructor as to the the use of and posting of dates within the course calendar within D2L. Described below are the general Calendar Toll features.

Figure 1 : An overview of the Calendar user interface

Sample Calendar. Labeled 1 upper left is the Calendar views.  Labeled 2 on the left middle is the Calendar content. Labeled 3 in the upper middle is the Calendar menu. Labeled 4 in the upper right is the Mini calendar. Labeled 5 on the middle right is the Task pane.

1) Calendar Views

Use the calendar views area to toggle between different event display layouts. Use the Agenda view to group your course events by Date, Course, or Category - events display in chronological order, and all-day events display at the top of each grouped listing. Use the Day, Week, and Month views to group your events in daily, weekly, or monthly increments. Use the List view to filter your events by Assignments, Checklists, Discussions, Grades, Materials, Modules, Quizzes, and Surveys.

2) Calendar Content

Use the calendar content area to navigate through your content. Navigation will vary depending on the view you select.

3) Calendar Menu

 Use the calendar menu to select multiple calendars to display, change the color scheme associated with individual calendars, and add new calendars.

4) Mini Calendar

Use the mini calendar to navigate quickly to a specific day, week, or month.

5) Task Pane

Use the task pane to create, track, and maintain personal tasks.

Subscribe to a calendar

Use iCal feeds to access your Calendar events outside of the learning tool. With iCal feeds, you can view your course events in external calendars such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, and on mobile devices such as iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones, and Android phones.
Subscribing to an iCal feed syncs your external calendar application or device with the Calendar tool, keeping you updated without logging in to D2L. Refer to your device or application instructions for adding an iCal feed, as each application can have a different method for managing iCal feeds.
On the Content Items menus, click Calendar.
In the Calendar views area, click Settings in the Calendar views area.
Select the Enable Calendar Feeds check box.
In the Calendar views area, click  Subscribe in the Calendar views area.
From the drop-down list, select which calendar you want to subscribe to, or select All Calendars and Tasks, or Tasks Only group or section, select the group or section in the Attendees drop-down list.
Click Open > Import.

Change Calendar settings

On the Content Items, click  Calendar.
Click  Settings.
Make your changes.
Click Save.